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Frequently Asked Questions

Will your products be available in shops and bars?

Yes, our products will be offered in bars and retail shops in UK. Scandinavia, Ireland and by 2024 world wide. 


What is the correct way of spelling Whisky/Whiskey?

Both Whisky and Whiskey are correct; however, it depends where the Whisky in question is produced. It's actually quite a simple method that's used all over the World; if the country where the Whisky is produced has the letter E in the spelling, then it's spelt Whiskey (Ireland, for example), but if the country spelling doesn't have an E then it's spelt Whisky (Scotland for example)


How long is Whisky kept within the cask?

Every Whisky is casked for different amounts of time. The more expensive whiskies would generally have been casked for a longer period of time, and the time it's taken to mature would have then affected the price.


Can I set up a recurring delivery?

Yes, you can. Please contact us for more info and details. 

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